Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cool Gadgets Addiction

Gadgets are shiny smart little things, great for showing off, good for their utility. From bottle openers to smart phones, PDAs, cool clocks and watches, latest game devices and even toys, they are must haves of the moment. We can live without many them, but why to do it?

Can you imagine yourself without a mobile phone? And even if it is last generation, with mp3, photo camera, bluetooth and many more, you still have an iPod, and high resolution photo camera at home, using it only in vacations. Or maybe you don't have enough time for reading and you are missing it? Audio books were invented.

Cool gadgets are our new addiction. They follow us everywhere, all day long and we feel lost without them. They conquered all types and categories of people: men, women, children, high society or mid level, educated or not.

Our mobile phone alarm is waking us in the morning, our iPod makes traffic wasted time easier, our laptop and wireless mouse are waiting us at the office. Those are already necessities and not long time ago they were gadgets.

The industry is growing and manufacturers spend huge time and money to create new, wonderful, amazing products and features that charm us. The consumerism is no longer targeted to branded clothes and fancy shoes, average people can afford them and actually they don't satisfy our need of new, innovation, progress and glitter as fast as gadgets do.

So should we resist temptation? I say no (it might be expensive but doesn't affect your health and for sure no government in the world will prohibit it).

By : Gabi Bolonev
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