Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cool Gadgets Addiction

Gadgets are shiny smart little things, great for showing off, good for their utility. From bottle openers to smart phones, PDAs, cool clocks and watches, latest game devices and even toys, they are must haves of the moment. We can live without many them, but why to do it?

Can you imagine yourself without a mobile phone? And even if it is last generation, with mp3, photo camera, bluetooth and many more, you still have an iPod, and high resolution photo camera at home, using it only in vacations. Or maybe you don't have enough time for reading and you are missing it? Audio books were invented.

Cool gadgets are our new addiction. They follow us everywhere, all day long and we feel lost without them. They conquered all types and categories of people: men, women, children, high society or mid level, educated or not.

Our mobile phone alarm is waking us in the morning, our iPod makes traffic wasted time easier, our laptop and wireless mouse are waiting us at the office. Those are already necessities and not long time ago they were gadgets.

The industry is growing and manufacturers spend huge time and money to create new, wonderful, amazing products and features that charm us. The consumerism is no longer targeted to branded clothes and fancy shoes, average people can afford them and actually they don't satisfy our need of new, innovation, progress and glitter as fast as gadgets do.

So should we resist temptation? I say no (it might be expensive but doesn't affect your health and for sure no government in the world will prohibit it).

By : Gabi Bolonev
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nerd Gadgets - High-Tech Necessities For Every Nerd

Nerds need cool gadgets. That's all there is to it. They just go together like peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, french fries and chocolate milkshakes. But maybe I'm just hungry. Either way, nerdy gadgets are a necessity.

This article seeks to expose the must have nerd gadgets. If you are looking for gift ideas or just wanting to be the coolest geek on the block, you have come to the right place.

- Giant Swiss Army Knife - This Guinness Book of World Records holder for the "most multi-functional knife" has 85 tools all in one. It might not be small or all that easy to use, but it certainly is the gadget of all gadgets!

- Wi-Fi Detecting Watch - A cool watch with a cool feature: you can check for Wi-Fi signal strength with a touch of a button on a scale from one to eight.

- Original Ring Thing - Suave and functional, this ring doubles as a bottle opener.

- The Sanctuary Charging Haven - This attractive tray holds all your electronic gadgets and charges them too - all at once! Compatible with over 1500 electronic devices and 12 built in connectors, this is the answer to every gadget's charging requirements.

- 1.3 Megapixel USB Digital Microscope - This handheld microscope with stand has multiple uses for the high-tech nerd, from education to industrial or medical applications.

- Ironkey - Files are encrypted and password protected. After 10 failed password attempts, the drive self-destructs! The physical drive is epoxy filled and electron shielded to prevent tampering. I give this one the nerd gadget award for coolest thumb drive ever!

- Shooting Cubicle Alarm System - this tri-link alarm system allows nerds to put up three layers of defenses against intruders. The first two alarms are warning alarms while the third shoots missiles at the intruder.

These nerdy gadgets are just a highlight of the many cool toys and tools available to the high-tech geek. You can find out more from my link or you might can find them at your local office supply or gadget store.

By : James Ostenson
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

We All Need Gadgets

Everybody needs to have gadgets in their life. In fact try to think of how many cool gadgets you have now? A phone, computer, sat nav, games console... the list is endless.

Now that vinyl and audio cassettes are in the past and compact disc sales are declining, owning an mp3 player is very important. There are many music sites for you too download music direct to your player and this can be done easily and at less cost than buying from a store.

With the introduction of HD and Blueray, a good home cinema system is essential. A large plasma or lcd television has dropped in price over the last year, so it has become easily affordable to have your very own cinema experience from your sofa.

Many people are taking up the art of Dj mixing, this can be quite expensive but with practice and a little flair can be picked up and become a really enjoyable past time. This equipment can be bought second hand.

And where would we be without Satellite Navigation? The drop in cost of a good unit has made sure that many people now have one sucked to their windscreen. Again this product has dramatically dropped in cost since it was first released.

From electronic key finders, dvd players, walkie talkies, remote controlled planes and cars, mp3 players, lcd and plasma tv's, dj equipment and those little crazy gadgets that just make you smile. Everybody needs gadgets in their life, so think about what you want and go buy it.

By : Tim Roads