Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Multi-Functional Docking Station

There's a lot of memory device nowadays, USB drive, hard drive, Memory stick and so on. With many of these, there's also different types of adaptor to use it, and it becomes a mess to plug it all at one time. That's where the Brando Multi-functional Dock Station fit in.

The Brando Multi-Functional Dock Station allows you to dock USB + eSATA + 2 hubs + 4 cards, all consolidated into one super duper storage interface.

This Brando Multi-Functional Dock Station offers full support for SDHC and mini SDHC formats, along with a long list of other standard flash card formats. And of course, the biggest function of the Brando device; its housing of a full 2.5″ or 3.5″ HDD drive.

So not only do you get plenty of room for all of your portable storage devices, but, with the docks built-in hard drive enclosure, you can also externalize your hard drive. And, no more mess.

Brando Multi-Functional Dock Station come in a price of $79.

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