Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lose Weight With Those Ab Machines on TV?

If you've ever watched late night TV, you've probably seen ads for all sorts of exercise gadgets, especially for your abdominals. It seems like every few months there is another product with a name starting with "AB."

We all want a flat tummy or six-pack abs, so will these slimming gadgets help us get the bodies we want?

The ads are compelling, but misleading. My first problem with them is that the buff and sexy models in the commercials did not get those bodies using the gadgets they are selling. They've probably only used that equipment when filming the ads.

The real secret of the models is the strict diet and grueling exercise programs they follow to stay in that kind of physical shape. Good genetics, lighting, camera angles, and special effects help, too.

There is an even bigger problem with these exercise gadgets. If you want abs like the people in the ads, you need to get your body fat percentage down to low levels. No amount of ab exercises is going to give you a flat tummy if you have a high body fat percentage. Have you ever seen someone who looked overweight all over except their abs? Of course not.

If you're already fairly lean, some of these ab gadgets may be somewhat useful in helping tone your muscles. That's different from burning fat, though. You can also get a good ab workout without using these gadgets. Crunches and similar exercises don't require any equipment at all.

Next time you see another infomercial for a new ab exercise gadget, just say no, and remember to stick with a good weight loss plan for the best overall results.

By : Rachel Robles
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