Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gadgets Filled With Diamonds and Precious Stones

Recently, I have been reading articles, blogs, newsletters, forum posts, and feeds that features the most popular cool gadgets like iPhone, Samsung Omnia, Nokia 5800, USB flash drives, MP3 Players, Laptops and other media gadgets which were crafted with Diamonds or any other precious stones.

Well, the best part is how much do they cost? Imagine getting a 500 dollars worth of gadget, buy a simple gadget case, and lots of diamond bits. Most of the collectors would sell their gadgets from $20,000 to $40,000 depending on the way they craft those stones.

The best example of that is styling your iPhone case and filling it with precious stones. At first, you must know how to keep those stones from falling apart because some stones may not be glued properly.

One of the biggest mobile manufacturers, Nokia, was featured on one of the articles entitled "Nokia Developing Diamond-Like Gadget Casing", which features the mobile manufacturers covering diamond-like stones in one of their products. Buying them would take more than a thousand dollars.

Anyway, I would like to conclude that diamonds or any other precious stones can be coated, not just in jewelleries, but also in your mobile and wireless devices in order to catch other gadget lovers' attention, especially the ones who owns an iPod or a Mobile Phone.

For me, I was also planning to sell gadgets in the near future. But because, diamonds, topaz, amethyst, emerald, turqoise, zircon, onyx, and other precious stones can be sold for higher prices, I can have those stones compounded in my gadgets as well.

By : Paolo Ace
JP Ace is a Search Engine Marketer for the
Diamond Jewelry site.

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